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Painted or left natural, bobbins add a fun and playful touch to a basic frame.

DIY Bobbin Frame

This is a super simple DIY that packs a big punch, turning a basic frame into something a little more playful. 


Frame: I like these frames (4 pack here) from Michaels because they’re inexpensive, and have enough surface on the frame itself to to glue the wooden bobbin. 

Half Round Wooden Bobbins: I’ve ordered a few different brands but prefer these because the dome is smooth and easily spray painted. For the 8x10 Michaels frame, the 15mm beads were great, but you can buy them either bigger or smaller, depending on your desired effect. 

Spray Paint: pick a colour any colour! I typically spray 2-3 coats and wait a full 24 hours to ensure they’re completely dry. If you’re after a more natural look, leave the wooden beads unpainted. 

Super glue: Use Gorilla Glue/Krazy Glue or a similar adhesive (a glue gun is too messy). 


  1. Spray paint your frame
  2. Spray paint your wooden bobbin beads. 2-3 coats should do. 
  3. Once the beads and frame are dry, roughly lay out your bead placement along your frame. (Your beads might not align at the corners to create a perfect 45 degree angle, but by laying the beads out first, you can gauge where you might leave a little more space between the beads to get the corners as close to 45 degrees as possible. You can also position your beads to create a slight arc (see below). 
  4. Using clear adhesive, place a small bead of glue on a bead, and press and hold onto the frame for a few seconds while the glue activates. 
  5. Pick a print, hang, and admire your statement frame!
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